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New hybrid optimization methods for bin-packing problems
Laura Cruz Reyes

Talk Abstract: Cloud computing is a new scenario that is taking a lot of importance to improve the traditional management of organizations, and of society in general. In this context, a key aspect is to find planning strategies that allow efficient use of resources. Among these strategies is the placement of resources in the cloud that can be modeled as a problem of accommodating objects. Other real scenarios can also be modeled in this way, hence the importance of the classic problem of accommodating objects in containers called BPP (Bin Packing Problem). This problem belongs to the NP-hard class, so it is considered unsolvable in polynomial time. For problems of this kind, the search for efficient algorithms is an area in constant evolution. In this talk, the most outstanding hybrid approaches of the state of the art for the BPP solution will be presented, emphasizing the optimization methods based on evolutionary grouping and virtual savant. The last one is a new paradigm based on machine learning to automatically generate parallel solvers that have learned how to solve a problem.

Short Bio: *Laura Cruz-Reyes* received the Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from the National Center for Research and Technological Development, México, in 2004. She is a full-time Professor of Computer Science at Madero Institute of Technology of National Mexican Institute of Technology, since 1984. In addition, she is serving as head of the research group on Intelligent Optimization since 2006. She belongs to the Mexican National System of Researchers with level II. Her research interests are in intelligent optimization techniques, algorithmics, autonomous agents, evolutionary computation, machine learning, multicriteria decision, and logistics.
More information about his research contribution can be found from http://www.cruz-reyes.com