Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization

Design and analysis of fast and reliable algorithms for the numerical treatment of multi-objective optimization problems (MOPs). This includes the investigation of indicator based algorithms, hybrids of evolutionary algorithms and numerical methods, parameter dependent and bi-level MOPs, and performance indicators. 

Cooperation: Dr. Heike Trautmann, Dr. Guenter Rudolph, Dr. Adriana Lara, Dr. Massimiliano Vasile, Dr. Carlos A. Coello Coello, Dr. Michael Emmerich, Dr. Kalyanmoy Deb

Contact: Sergio Alvarado, Adrian Sosa, Christian Dominguez-Medina


Optimal Δp archives for p=1 and archive size mu = 10..


Set Oriented Numerics

Design and analysis of set oriented methods such as subdivision techniques, cell mapping and recover techniques for the numerical treatment of multi-objectiveoptimization problems (MOPs) and applications to structural acoustic optimization problems. 

Cooperation: Dr. Michael Dellnitz, Dr. Jian-Qiao Sun

Contact: Carlos Hernandez

Basins of atraction for an MOP by means of Cell Mapping techniques.


Local Search

Design and analysis of iterative local search for continuous and mixed integer problems such as multi-objective continuation or gradient free greedy search. These algorithms either serve as standalone algorithms (continuation) or are designed for the integration into set based algorithms such as evolutionary  or set oriented numerical methods. 

Cooperation: Dr. Michael Dellnitz, Dr. Honggang Wang, Dr. Carlos Segura, Dr. Ricardo Landa, 

Contact: Sergio Alvarado, David Laredo, Oliver Cuate


Numerical result of the Pareto Tracer on a constrained bi-objective problem. Left the solution in decision space, right in objective space.


Ambulance Location Problem in Tijuana-Mexico

Consideration of the Ambulance Location Problem in Tijuana-Mexico in cooperation with the Red Cross unit of Tijuana. Aims are (among others) to reduce the response time and the coverage of the ambulance services in Tijuana. 

Cooperation: Red Cross Tijuana, Dr. Leonardo Trujillo, Dr. Carlos Vera

Contact: Sergio Morales

Ambulance and base station in Tijuana, Mexico.