Graduate Studies in CS at Cinvestav-IPN: Offers and Opportunities for Mexican and Foreign Students


  • Dr. Guillermo Morales-Luna


The CS graduate programs, PhD and MSc, in Cinvestav-IPN were established in the 80's within the Electrical Engineering Department and from 2006 the certificates awarded by our Department are exclusive for Computer Science. Our main subjects are Heuristics Computing, Optimization, Software Engineering, Collaborative Computing, Cryptology and Mathematical Foundations. Some scientists of our Faculty have been recognised by prestigious scientific prizes. Our studies and researches are done in Spanish and English. Our graduate alumni have had notorious impact in both academia and industry. Our students get scholarships from the Mexican Conacyt, independently of their citizenship. We will describe the studies offers and opportunities in our CS Department.

Guillermo Morales-Luna chairs at present time the Computer Science Department at Cinvestav-IPN. He received the BSc degree in mathematics from the Mexican National Polytechnic Institute in 1977, the MSc degree in mathematics from Mexican CINVESTAV-IPN, in 1978, and the PhD degree from the Mathematics Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences in 1984. Since 1985 he is a researcher at CINVESTAV-IPN. His research interest include cryptography, complexity theory, and mathematical logic. He is a Mexican national and he also holds Polish citizenship.