Optimization of Photovoltaic and Thermal Solar Energy Systems

Chair: Dr. Ivan Salgado Transito

The energy transition towards a more sustainable energy system requires having power generation systems that meet the following characteristics: reliability, low cost, flexible to meet a variable demand and friendly to the environment. The intermittency of renewable energies as solar and wind energy makes it difficult. Therefore, to compensate the variability of solar power systems (photovoltaic and solar thermal); it is necessary to have several distributed generation energy and storage systems. Thus diversification of the energy matrix makes essential to develop mathematical models that optimize the production of solar systems to maximize the production, profitability, reliability and dispatchability while minimize the cost production and the emissions of GHG. The goal of this special session is to begin an important discussion between those working on developing new optimization strategies in PV and Solar thermal Energy systems.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Optimization of PV and solar thermal systems
  • Applications of Machine Learning in Solar Energy applications
  • Position papers on the importance of Optimization and Learning in this area

All submission will be peer-reviewed by a panel of international experts.

Contact: Dr. Ivan Salgado Transito This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Short Bio: Research Fellow in Solar Energy, Member of Mexican National Research System level - 1. Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineer and MSc. & D.Eng in Solar Energy from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Postdoc at the Solar Energy Laboratory of the University of Minnesota, US. Member of TAKS 49 - Solar Heat Integration in Industrial Processes (IEA) and the Mexican Heat Initiative. He has done two research stays, one in the Almeria Solar Platform and the other in the Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Basque Country. He serves as Assistant Professor at the University of Sonora working in the Heliostats Test Field in Hermosillo, Mexico. He is currently a Research Fellow at The Optical Research Center (CIO, Spanish abbreviation); His main achievements are the foundation of the Solar Energy Research & Engineering Group and the establishment of The Thermal Energy and Photovoltaic Evaluation Lab (LICS-TF).