Optimization and Learning in the Energy Sector

Chair: Dr. Josué Enríquez Zárate

One of the most important technological challenges we face today is the development of efficient and sustainable energy resources, the environmental and financial impact of how we address this challenge will affect our society as a whole. Like all other engineering challenges, optimization, efficient tuning and predictive analysis will all play a role in this challenge. The goal of this special session is to begin an important discussion between those working on developing new Energy related applications and technology an those the growing NEO community, so that the problems faced by the former can be posed, and hopefully, solved with the techniques being developed by the latter.

 Contributions addressing the following (and related) topics are welcome:

  • Optimization of Energy Resources
  • Optimization of Energy Systems
  • Applications of Machine Learning in Energy problems
  • Position papers on the importance of Optimization and Learning in this area

All submission will be peer-reviewed by a panel of international experts.

Contact: Dr. Josué Enríquez Zárate This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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