Carlos J. M. VeraTijuana Red Cross

Baja California University and ITT Professor, Tijuana Red Cross

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Big Data science in medicine and biomedical research


Dr. Carlos Vera Hernandez is researcher professor at the Medicine and Psychology Faculty of the Baja California University (UABC), support professor at Tijuana Technology Institute (ITT), and Instructor at the program COSMOS (California Sumemr School for Mathematics and Science) of Engineering School of University of California (UCSD).


His education includes: Industrial Engineering on Electronics (ITT,1985), Mathematics over Computation specialty (ITT, 1987), General Medicine (UABC, 1995), Master, PhD, and Post-PhD on Molecular Bioengineering (UCSD, 1996-2010). In 2007, thanks to a grant from the New York Carnagie Corporation, he received an expert training on bioterrorism at the Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation (USCD).

Research Interests

His academical research has been focused on the molecular bases elucidation of the eritrocitaric membrane biomechanics, its mathematical model, and its biomedical application.

Professional activities

Additionally, he has worked on the planning of major emergencies and disasters as well as the operative area. During the Mexico 1985 earthquake, he was Chief of Operations for Urban Rescue of the Halcones Rescue Group. He has been Subdirector for Civil Protection for Tijuana city (1992-1997). He was the founder of the State Group for Major Emergencies Response (1998-2002), founder of the Training and Standarization Committee of the Prehospital Services for First-aid and Rescue (2002), Disasters Coordinator (2003-2005) and Tijuana Red Cross First-aid Coordinator (2013-2014). His main concern in this area is the promotion of the continuous education to the operative personnel and the optimization of the response and planning during major emergencies or disasters.

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